Friday, June 22, 2007

Remi Nicole and Los Campesinos!

Glastonbury has welcomed its newest addition, The Park Stage, in fine style quickly turning it into a scene from the closing minutes of Apocalypse Now. Pity then, Remi Nicole who has the unenviable task of cheering up the sodden masses gathered at this inhospitable spot with her perky punk-pop ditties, surely better suited to summer shows in London parks.

Despite the gloom, the 23-year-old singer/songwriter bounds around in dungarees and confidently piles through a hook-laden set that includes single, “Fed Up”, and winning set closer, “Rock’n’Roll”. There’s enough here to suggest that the charts are likely to embrace her as a kind of sink-circuit Lily Allen. Remi speculates that if we all wish hard enough for the sun to come out we might pull off a positive twist on Travis' old rain-dance trick. We try. It rains even harder.

But despite the torrents, Cardiff seven-piece Los Campesinos! get a good turn out for their infectious feelgood indie pop. And, my God are they indie. We’ve described them here before as like Belle & Sebastian on e-numbers but we didn’t realise quite how accurate an assessment that was. They’re like an unholy alliance of The Beautiful South, singing B&S songs at the breakneck speed of The Stooges. Current b-side “It Started With A Mixx” is an undeniable winner but you imagine that the formula will outstay its welcome soon.

Finally, the raging Glastonbury skies may have one positive outcome. Mobile phone giants Orange have launched a prototype charger at the site today which uses wind energy to restore your phone's battery life. Sit the mobile wind charger on the top of your tent, plug in your phone and let God breathe new life into it. Genius. Presumably this is an accessory for owners of waterproof mobiles.


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