Monday, June 18, 2007

News: Sonic Youth, Go! Team, Ornette Coleman, Lightspeed Champion

Shockwaves have been reverberating around Tunetourist all morning after rather unsettling revelations from Thurston Moore over the weekend. FACT: legendary art rock outfit Sonic Youth’s next project will be released via Starbucks’ record label Hear Music. But anti-corporate fans need not worry too much as there is only one exclusive Sonic Youth track on there – the rest are covers by artists chosen specifically by the band, including Jeff Tweedy, Beck, and Marc Jacobs. More info.

Sub Pop continue to expand their indie empire with the addition of Brighton based six-piece The Go! Team. The band – who will release their sophomore effort ‘Proof of Youth’ on September 11th via the Seattle label – will also release two singles prior to this on their first home Memphis Industries. ‘Grip Like a Vice’ and ‘Doing it Right’ will be out on July 2nd and September 3rd respectively.

Avant-garde jazz legend Ornette Coleman was hospitalized yesterday after collapsing on stage at the Bonnaroo festival in Tennesee due to heat stroke. The 77-year-old saxophonist is currently resting under doctor’s supervision at the local Coffey County Hospital. It is not clear as to whether his upcoming European tour – including dates in Norway, Spain, Poland, UK, Italy and Germany – will be affected.

Finally, Lightspeed Champion - aka the new incarnation of ex-Test Icicles member Dev Hynes – is about to unleash his new material upon us. Travelling in a completely different direction to Test Icicles, he has replaced the noisy, experimental rock of his previous band with warm but slightly sinister indie pop ballads… just in time for the summer. The first single ‘Galaxy of the Lost’ will be released via Domino on July 16th and here’s the video to whet our appetites:


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