Friday, June 22, 2007

Then the heavens opened

Earlier optimism about the weather has been replaced by gloom this morning as we slept through a night of almost non-stop rain, prompting fears of a re-run of Glastonbury 2005. But, thankfully, we awoke to few floods, just the usual gateaux of slurry. The sun came out. Then it rained again.

Things are looking up now though and the music is about to kick off. Rumours are flying about the site of surprise guests and unscheduled performances, many of which focus on the new stage at The Park. The 9pm slot is the one that’s getting all the attention with Q magazine’s festival daily reporting that Michael Eavis is expected to announce “a potty-mouthed special guest” who has been “coming to Glastonbury for years” for a secret performance. Since we can’t see Gordon Ramsey doing Greenwich Village folk standards (or attending the festival at all for that matter) we’re speculating on Lily Allen, who has been a regular at the festival.

Noel Gallagher is also rumoured to be appearing with Kasabian tonight and the set on the Jazzworld Stage at 8pm, which is billed as Malian kora legend Toumani Diabate, is thought to be shaping up as something of a Malian supergroup, “Africa Express”, also featuring blind husband and wife duo, Amadou and Mariam.

There are now 148,000 people onsite, there have been a reported 12 attempts to breach the super-fence and just 13 reported thefts from tents. At the foot of the press stats board it reads, somewhat optimistically, “weather will get better.” A quick glance at the BBC forecast for the area suggests more light showers today and then blissfull sunshine tomorrow. Followed by a wash out to close the festival on Sunday.


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