Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Mix, eight months in the thinking about doing...

The infrequency of these mixes could be taken as a sign of either perfectionism or plain idleness. But time lets the selections settle a little and the more permanent tracks of the last year rise to the surface.

This one is a little more analogue in places, with less 'functional' stuff - except for that Boris Horel thing which I couldn't resist after hearing it out a few weeks back.

There's even half-an-hour of Berghain-shaped trouble at the end.

On the off chance that a couple of people failed to clear out their RSS feeds, here it is:

At Home With The Hoodies Mix 2


Avon Sparkle - Newworldaquarium
A Crippled Left Wing Soars With The Right (DJ Sprinkles' Steal This Record Remix) - Terre Thaemlitz
Long Drive - Andy Stott
Pause (Isolee Mix) - Will Saul
Workshop - Move D
Red Cloud (Minilogue Remix) - Sian
Workshop - Evan Tuell
Foly feat. Sibiri Samake - dOP
Close To Me - Boris Horel
I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Re-Edit) - Chic
Workshop - Benjamin Brun
Wax 10 - Shed
Double Trouble - Pied Plat
Subzero - Ben Klock
X - Claro Intelecto
Vacuum Stance - LoSoul


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