Monday, September 22, 2008

The tunetourist podcast, back from the dead

It's not the same as the original Tunetourist podcast series but with the dulcet tones of Messers Gilbert and Poletti long since a footnote in the history of digital music, this is the 'all music no bored-sounding blokes talking shit' version.

Precisely 90 minutes of the finest electronic shizzle, including a few recent gems from John Tejada, Luciano and DJ Koze. Use the sendspace link below to download.

Tracklisting - At Home With The Hoodies 01

Turning Point - John Tejada
Jive - Pikaya
Ribbons - Four Tet
Crazy Circus (Guido Schneider mix) - Matthias Tanzmann
Break Free - Michael Ho, Lil Dirty
Floppy - Alex Picone
Crazy Place (Luciano mix) - Dave Aju
Radar - HOSH & Stimming
Boiling Point Returns - FYM
Naked (DJ Koze mix) - Sid Le Rock
Pink Boots - Thomas Schumacher
Falling Stars - Smith N Hack
Nebula - Delta Funktionen
I Want To Sleep - DJ Koze
Acid In My Fridge - Dinky
Akustik - Par Grindvik
K-Maze - Radioslave


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