Friday, July 21, 2006

Atlantis To Interzone

First encountered Klaxons at The Core Club in Brighton a few months back and they are without question a LOT of fun. One reservation though, whether all this Indie Disco shenanigans – Cut Copy, the Merok and Kitsune labels, SebastiAn and Justice remixes, Crystal Castles, Modular – will be reflected on with any more affection in a couple of years time than the universally reviled Big Beat.

Indie disco never works does it? Or are the old rules finally changing as we prepare for a forwards march into a brave new future of dance, eased into this seismic cultural shift with the helping hand of every NME cover band of the last few years from Franz Ferdinand to The Rapture. If so, “Atlantis To Interzone” will be its… I’d like to sat “Voodoo Ray” but in truth its more “Charly”. Or “The Bouncer”, as The Klaxons made abundantly clear with their equal parts sneery/affectionate cover of the Kicks Like A Mule, er, classic.

The comparisons with rave all seem a bit disingenuous though, given that acid house was the last truly spontaneous youth cultural upheaval of more innocent times. The acts we’re talking about here are all a bit too knowing to compare. There are, however, some extremely ravey sonic elements creeping into the productions of recent stuff by Simian Mobile Disco (“Hustler”), Digitalism (take a listen to “Jupiter Room”) and Justice (“Waters Of Nazareth”).

So, the kids are dancing again and there are French electro producers making quite good music once more. It’d churlish to write it all off just yet.

Ed Banger Records
Crystal Castles


Anonymous Been There, Bought The T-Shirt said...

Ahhhh, Indie Disco. In answer to your question, no, it just doesn't work in my experience. In fact it sucks big ones, as it seems to be populated by the kind of crew who think they're cutting it on the style/taste front, when in fact they are usually blinkered proles who will really only dance to the big tunes they know are safe and already established as indie sanctioned cool.

Fuck that noise. It gets my goat up to no end, and after a recent DJing experience at one of this city's prominant grotto's of indie hip - I didn't see hear or feel a lot of fun coming from the room (both on and off the decks). Poo to it, I say. A shame, 'cos there's some great tunes being made, but it puts a stale spin on things.

"Stay home then", I hear the kids cry. Thanks, I will.

9:23 PM  

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