Thursday, July 13, 2006

See Mi Yah Remixes

Already picked up a couple of the twelves that preceded this album-length collection of remixes via Hard Wax Records but this delivers on the missing pieces of the puzzle. Compiled from four Rhythm & Sound releases, it brings together two versions of "See Mi Yah" with nine other reworks of Basic Channel's well-known Berlin dub project, all featuring the usual Burial Mix verbals from Paul St. Hilaire, Ras Donovan, Ras Perez, Willi Williams and others.

It's the remixers that really excite of course. Along with Basic Channel themselves (with a trademarked dub techno refix), there are versions from Carl Craig, Ricardo Villalobos, Soundstream, Sleeparchive, Vladislav Delay, Francois K and others.

Villalobos turns in a mashed up, slow and druggy take on "Let We Go" which confirms he's sliiiiding ever-further from the confines of so-called minimal. Soundstream - the Hard Wax-affiliated disco cut-up operation produced by Soundhack - somehow manages to make Rhythm & Sound come across all deep house dubs. Sleeparchive reaches for the folders 'bleep' and 'reverb' as usual but keeps things at a dub pace.

The winner though is the absurdly on-form Carl Craig. "Poor People Must Work" has the clubby drive of his mix of Theo Parrish's "Falling Up" but keeps the dynamics much more subtle, working in some head-mangling echo, delay and stupidly hypnotic straight-up repetition. It's the sound of the machines taking over for one final party as Lee Perry torches Black Ark studios.


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