Monday, July 09, 2007

Some June highlights

Here's an assortment of treats that have descended upon the Tunetourist headquarters over the last thirty days. Top quality US indie from Road and Reckless, techno - of both the Detroit and minimal varities - from the likes of Hard Wax and Vinyl Club, some first-rate reggae from Aquarius and some personal selections thrown in for good measure.

Phat Kat feat. Elzhi – Cold Steel (Look Records)
Seems J Dilla saved some of his best beats for fellow Detroit resident and old buddy Phat Kat. A surprisingly hard beat for Dilla this fierce track thunders along with snapping hi-hats and a Neptunes-esque electric bass whilst Phat Kat rips it with his vitriolic commentary. It's been floating around for while now but it must be heard.

Animal Collective – Peacebone (Domino)
With this lead-off single from their forthcoming Domino-released LP ‘Strawberry Jam’ the Tunetourist favourites are doing what they do best: making manic, warm-hearted indie music that oozes creativity.

Shape of Broad Minds feat. DOOM – Let’s Go (Lex Records)
After last year’s ace Beat Journey LP Jneiro Jarel has returned – and he’s brought some friends with him. This highlight, and single, from the forthcoming LP ‘Craft of the Lost Art’ is a spacey, disco-laden effort featuring the not inconsiderable talents of the Super-Villain himself. Don’t sleep.

Pan-Pot – What is What (Mobilee)
It’s getting ever harder to separate the dwindling wheat from the chaff in Berlin’s over- saturated minimal techno scene these days but Pan-Pot shine through with their latest release on Mobilee. Perhaps influenced by Sleeparchive’s ultra-reduced production, it’s a similar aesthetic but with a far groovier edge.

Lavender Diamond – My Shadow Is A Monday (Matador)
A dreamy, almost anthemic indie-folk record courtesy of this LA quartet. Becky Stark and co effortlessly conjure the late 60s / early 70s country pop sounds of Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt to marvellous effect.

Alborosie – Kingston Town (Forward Recording)
A relative newcomer to the Jamaican Roots and Dancehall scene, this Italian reggae artist chronicles the highs and lows of life in the capital. An impressive and heavy roots tune not too dissimilar to Damian Marley’s recent efforts.

Kubra – Unknown Swimming Object (AW Records)
A very impressive debut 12” from these Rotterdam based neo-Detroiters. A loving homage to deep Motor-City techno, which also harks back to the Artificial Intelligence sound of early Warp releases.

Oh No – Hot Fire (Stones Throw)
Oh No tries to out-do older brother Madlib in the obscure sample stakes. Delving into rare and raw psych from Turkey, Lebanon, Greece and Italy the Oxnard, CA native delivers on his third effort – ‘Dr. No’s Oxperiment’. With this track being one of many highlights from the 28 on offer.

Blonde Redhead – 23 (4AD)
The title track from the latest LP by Japanese and Italian NYC residents, Blonde Redhead, recalls early nineties indie rock in the best possible sense. My Bloody Valentine’s poppier moments weigh in alongside a sizeable chunk of St. Etienne for good measure.


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