Wednesday, May 09, 2007

News: Happy Mondays, Robert Wyatt, Kitsune, Boredoms

Happy Mondays fans who want to experience the shambolic Mancs playing live in a chip shop better get their skates on. As part of T-mobile’s Street Gigs season Bez, Shaun and co will be playing a chip shop on Brighton Pier and have also promised to debut material from their new LP – working title: ‘Freaky Funky Fish and Chips’.

Domino Recording Co. continue to expand their empire as a flurry of established indie artists join their ranks. First Animal Collective, then Spank Rock, now Robert Wyatt – with an album due in June - who’s going to be next to join the ever-growing roster of the nation’s favourite indie label? If that wasn’t enough they've also taken it upon themselves to reissue the classic LP ‘Colossal Youth’ by Young Marble Giants with a plethora of extra tracks taken from various singles and comps. The double LP will be released on July 2nd.

Paris’s hipper than thou indie/dance/fashion label Kitsuné are to release the eagerly awaited fourth instalment of their ‘Maison Compilation’ series. Featuring Kitsuné favourites, new-rave luvvies, and even some post rock artists, the compilation looks set to be another winner, as testified by the tracklisting:

1 : Darkel - Be My Friend
2 : The Whip - Divebomb (Short Edit)
3 : Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Classic mix)
4 : Hummer - Foals
5 : Hadouken! - Tuning In (H! re- rub)
6 : Passions - Emergency (Radio Edit)
7 : Riot In Belgium - La Musique (Adam Ski mix)
8 : Dragonette - I Get Around (Midnight Juggernaut remix)
9 : Guns N' Bombs - Crossover Appeal (Radio Edit)
10 : Punks Jump Up - Dance To Our Disco (Original)
11 : Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body
12 : Crystal Castles - Knights
13 : Whitey - Stay On The Outside

Finally, Boredoms are on the look out for 77 volunteering drummers to help out with their free ’77 Drum’ perfomance installation. So if you’re a drummer with a penchant for intense, druggy, aggressive and psychedelic noise rock then you can get in contact with the band via their Myspace page. The gig will take place July 7th on the lawn of the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park section of Brooklyn Bridge Park.


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